The main objective of OFIDIA is to build a cross-border operational fire danger prevention infrastructure that advances the ability of regional stakeholders  to detect and fight forest wildfires through more effective patrolling, environmental monitoring, weather modeling, fire danger forecasting and automated access to related historical data.

Following from the main objective, the specific goals are:

  • To increase the operational capability of the forest protection stakeholders to detect and fight forest wildfires both in terms of fire prevention and fire propagation;
  • To enhance the operational infrastructure of the cross-border area in terms of environmental monitoring sensors, enhanced visualization systems, ICT infrastructure and video equipment for fire towers and fire corps automobiles;
  • To improve the cross-border operational cooperation concerning fire danger prevention and fighting among the stakeholders and research institutions;
  • To share the knowledge about best scientific and operational practices among the partners;
  • To facilitate the fire classification according to various criteria that include causes, severity, affected area. Such kind of information can help in generating wildfire maps, which can have a strong impact on preventing/reducing arson;
  • To create a cross-border fire danger archive (OFIDIA archive) storing all the historical data, observed and forecast data and fire danger maps. The archive will represent an added value for the Programme Area and will be valuable to infer reports and summaries on a longer timeframe.