Tools and Services provided by OFIDIA

The project will contribute to the protection of the environment and the preservation of the natural resources through the exploitation of the OFIDIA environmental monitoring and fire danger prevention platform. The project will help protect the forests of the region from wildfires. Thus, the project helps achieving a sustainable quality of life and economic prosperity in the cross-border region. The detailed weather forecast will be made accessible to the population of Apulia and Epirus Regions to better plan their activities and protect themselves from extreme weather conditions. The project will encourage tighter collaboration between Italian and Greek civil protection authorities and effective scientific cooperation between research institutions and public authorities for the benefit of the general public.
High resolution environmental information related to fire danger prevention will be key for national fire corps, civil protection, etc. with regard to forests and coasts, addressing the protection of the environment and the preservation of natural resources and ecosystem. The expected reduction in the number of fires will help the habitat rehabilitation. The observed and forecast data will complement the data of the national observing networks. A fire classification according to various criteria (which include causes, severity, affected area) will help in generating wildfire maps showing the incidence of arsons. This will be key to move towards a sustainable quality of life and growth of the cross-border area. A long term expected “operational” result is a cross-border cooperation concerning fire danger prevention and suppression. In particular it is expected that the project stakeholders of the two regions will share and exchange operational information and experience and will improve the quality of the operational tasks by working closer with the scientific partners of the projects.