Six Work Packages (WP) have been foreseen in order to implement OFIDIA and to gain the goals defined by the project.

WP 1 – Management & Coordination // WP2 –  Information & Publicity
The WP1 and WP2 perform the coordination of all the project tasks and a dissemination plan during the entire project, respectively. A final public workshop is foreseen to disseminate the results. A project office, steering committee and scientific advisory board will be established at the beginning of the project.

WP3 – Wireless Sensors Network
WP3 relate to the wifi sensors network, including the installation of new sensors stations in the Provinces of Lecce (with Brindisi) and Bari, and the integration with the existing sensors network on the Greek site. For this purpose external expertise (on wifi sensors, internetworking and satellite technologies) is required.

WP4 – Data Archive & Analytics platform
The WP4 relates to the data management tasks. The data managed by the OFIDIA platform are both sensor data and model output. WP4 activity regards the environmental data archiving, access, processing for monitoring/analysis. New storage models for this data will be designed during for WP4.
WP3 and WP4 interact/cooperate to integrate the cross-area observed data into the online and distributed OFIDIA data archive deployed at CMCC and University of Ioannina (implementing partial replication schema).

WP5 – Fire Danger Modeling
WP5 will focus on fire danger prevention, analysis, and modeling. The fire danger models are evaluated on the cross-border area using statistical approaches.

WP6 – Operational Rooms & Vizualization Tools
WP6 regards the setup, test and validation of the operational environment: six control rooms – two for the province of Lecce (including one installed in Brindisi), one for the Province of Bari and three for the DAFD (with IRFC). WP6 interact with WP4 and WP5 in terms of requirements and expected output/results. WP6 is responsible for the realization of an advanced viz tool for the control rooms, with 3D interaction space and control software.